Laurel Lance
The disrespect to not only Dinah Laurel Lance/ Black Canary, but to Katie Cassidy as well is mind blowing.

Back in April, the Arrow writers fridged Dinah Laurel Lance. It was allegedly to “further the story,” but I’m calling them out on that. They claim that they had no more story for her (she was an ADA and vigilante), yet the next season bring in a MALE ADA and vigilante.

The whole situation reeks of misogyny, which is just shameful.

Another “reason” Laurel was killed off was you claimed to have too many masks in the field. Yet, in Season 5, here come four more masks (one of which was white washed). Artemis. The rendition of Artemis you created couldn’t be more off, the principles still the same. You cannot just use these comic book character’s names interchangeably. Be creative for once. Which I know may be hard to do if you can’t find inspiration from the “The Dark Knight” Trilogy, or rip off a character’s back story from Penelope Garcia, but c’mon.

Back to y’all disrespecting the Black Canary and Katie.

Fridging an iconic female character like Black Canary (for Oliver’s man pain) is not only wrong and disgusting, but the aftermath continues to show your ineptitude and ignorance. Then they think that the mantle of Black Canary is interchangeable. That some random, original character can fill her shoes.

I don’t care what name she’s given. She is not Laurel’s mother, or Laurel, so we don’t want it. The writers continue to disrespect the name of Black Canary. Which makes me start to think that they know NOTHING about her. They continue to show that they don’t. It is sad. There are 70 years of comic history to work with, and they continue to neglect it.

Laurel Lance

Not only that, but this random OC gets a lot of perks. She gets to go by Dinah; it was said Laurel couldn’t go by it because it wasn’t “modern” enough. She gets the meta-human cry, which Laurel couldn’t get because they tried to make the show “realistic.” Her fighting skills up to par with Oliver’s (which by the way, comic Dinah’s skills were BETTER than Oliver’s, and almost anyone’s. She is one of the most skilled fighters in DC history. But heaven forbid a woman be better than a man on your show).

Just because she’s called Dinah Drake doesn’t mean they’re are following comics. What it does show is that they continue to miss the point. They continue to misunderstand it all. Black Canary is a mantle passed down from mother to daughter. Not something anyone with a canary cry gets. People were NOT just upset because a Black Canary was killed off. They were mad because they killed the Black Canary, Dinah Laurel Lance, off. Get it right. It isn’t a hard concept to understand.

Y’all said Laurel had to earn the title of Black Canary. Make it “organic.” And I loved her story.

It has helped me get through so many of the trials and tribulations I’ve faced in life. But Laurel was the ONLY one ever to have to do that. Everyone else earned their right just because? Now this Tina girl gets to do the same? It is ridiculous, and so not fair to Laurel. It took 3.5 seasons for Laurel to become Black Canary, and she only lasted a full season episode-wise. Then was killed off for no reason.

It is horrible to do to Laurel’s fans, comic Black Canary fans, and many others. It is a disgrace and disrespectful.

Not only to those groups, but to Katie herself. She LOVED playing Laurel so, so much. She constantly geeked out over it in interviews and worked her ass off for the role.

But she not only gets killed off, but she gets replaced. Not once, but twice. You want a Black Canary on your show? Well you had the best damn one in the whole wide world and you killed her off for no damn reason. Now Katie is being strung along, as are her fans for ratings, which is even sicker. Let the poor girl go. She deserves so much better than the horrible writing y’all put her through. You had a star and someone who REALLY cared for her character. Who actually knew about her character, and put passion into it, and you threw her away for what?

As a life long Black Canary fan, you have disappointed me and many others. As a Katie Cassidy fan, you have upset me and many others. The disrespect you have for strong women is telling by all of this madness, and it makes me sick to my stomach.

I, for one, will not be tuning into Arrow ever again. Not without Dinah Laurel Lance, THE Black Canary.