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Remediality is the product of numerous attempts (and fails) to get an entertainment website off of the ground. While we’ve had our successes, we have come to learn the best qualities to embody in our content and team, how to write provocative, compelling articles, and how to make people return to our little website.

Writers Wanted!

We are looking for new TV writers to join our team, unpaid for the time being, to contribute to the conversation. Our outlook is this: If you love a show, come to our website and write about it. Focus on the singular show, write articles, engage with the fanbase, and people will begin to trust you and your coverage. The more you love what you’re writing about, the more others will, and the higher potential for getting paid for your work in the future.

We are also looking for movie writers to discuss the hottest new releases, in theaters and on streaming.

No experience is necessary! Know your grammar, have a voice that is eager to be heard, and send us an email to jay[at]remediality[dot]com with your writing sample(s). (Previous work counts, though try to make your samples have something to do with entertainment.)

We look forward to hearing from you!