Kat and Adena

The Bold Type Season 2 finale recently premiered and I have to say, it was pretty underwhelming.

After a rocky season of The Bold Type filled with inconsistencies and rushed storylines, fans were counting on the season finale to bring everything together and make sense of the chaos. Unfortunately, it not only failed to tie up the rest of the season, it was overall lackluster and left the viewers saying, “That’s it?” There are plenty examples throughout the entirety of the season where things just didn’t quite add up, but perhaps most infuriating were the inconsistencies and conflicting narratives involving the show’s main couple: Kat and Adena.

Adena Needing More Freedom

The whole notion that Adena needs more freedom and it’s actually Kat who’s ready to go all in makes about as much sense as Ruby Rose being cast as Batwoman. They made it crystal clear before Season 2 began that Adena was ready to settle down and start a life with Kat. She was tired of moving around and jumping from one woman to the next. It was Kat who still needed to go on adventures, explore her sexuality, and find herself. This was solidified when after spending two weeks on vacation together; Adena still just wanted to stay in and spend more time alone with Kat, whereas Kat wanted to go out more.

On more than one occasion, Adena makes it very clear she doesn’t want to leave the apartment and that she’s perfectly content staying in together. This idea that she didn’t have enough space, when in fact she wanted even less space, seemingly comes from nowhere. We also have to take into account the fact that Kat works full-time and has two best friends she spends all her free time with, meaning it’s not like Kat and Adena were glued at the hip and never spending time apart. It was actually the opposite. They hardly got any time on-screen together, aside from late at night when they were almost ready for bed or for a few minutes here and there before Kat rushed off to work in the morning. Not to mention after a few weeks of living together, Adena reiterated the fact that she’s choosing Kat and wants nothing more than to be with her. Which was followed by Adena going on a retreat alone, the two of them opening up their relationship, Kat going on a road trip without Adena, and Kat planning on going to Paris without her as well.

Kat and Adena

So, how does it make any sense that they didn’t have enough space between them? They had nothing but space.

Claiming that Adena needs more freedom than she already had in order to work is ridiculous and just lazy writing. Not only has Adena used Kat’s picture as artwork in Season 1, she also used her body (as well as Jane and Sutton’s) in Season 2. In fact, the only artwork we’ve ever even see Adena produce had something to do with Kat, and now Kat is suddenly the reason she can’t produce at all? What makes it even less believable is that we find out that Adena has slept with dozens of women and jumped from one serious relationship to the next, so if she truly needed space and freedom in order to work, how has she ever created anything at all?

They made it seem like Adena has never been single, so how exactly is she an artist if she can’t create art while being with other people? It was mentioned that her and Coco were usually long distance, but I sincerely doubt it was like that between her and every woman she’s been with… and, according to her, it’s a lot of women. But, alas, we wouldn’t know if this has been an issue for her before because we hardly learned anything about her all season.

The Lack of Communication

During Season 1, Kat and Adena were almost honest with each other to a fault. The first conversation they ever had were the two of them speaking their minds and arguing over whether or not Scarlet was a feminist platform. On their first night together (packing contraband), they talked about sexuality and Adena’s relationship to faith, both very personal topics. Which is why the almost nonexistent communication between these two when they’re actually a couple was astounding and extremely out-of-character.

Kat is too impulsive to keep her thoughts to herself, and Adena is unapologetically honest, so why did it seem like neither of them actually knew how the other person was feeling all season? The same woman who boldly told Kat the magazine she works for is anti-feminist, explained that her hijab isn’t oppressive, told Kat to stay off her phone and be in the moment, and showed up to Kat’s work to confront her about ignoring her refused to talk about how she felt for nearly three months.

She wouldn’t open up about past relationships, previous sexual partners, her father, how the open relationship affected her, or that she could no longer produce art. She didn’t really show any interest in introducing Kat to her friends and her world until Kat begged her to. It was very out-of-character for Adena to be so closed off all season long, especially given all the times she spoke her mind in Season 1 whether the person would like to hear what she had to say or not. This isn’t to say that Adena was obligated to share all those things, and it’s very possible she just wasn’t ready to; however, the absence of Adena’s side to the story the entire season was unfortunate and didn’t do the characters or the audience any favors. It left everyone filling in the blanks and grasping at straws to make sense of what happened in the finale.

From the moment they got back from Peru, communication was severely lacking at best. Although there were a few meaningful and genuine discussions about how they both felt, those discussions would only happen after weeks (or months) of built up frustration. When they talked about oral sex for the first time, Adena had first yelled it out in a public setting. And the only reason they finally talked about Adena not being able to produce artwork is because Coco told Kat first, which was followed by a “blow up” similar, but even worse, to the one they had in the premiere.  

The audience was given the impression that Adena really didn’t want or need the open relationship because she kept repeating that she was ready to settle down, but then it turned out she benefitted from it more than Kat did. Adena also gave a whole speech about “choosing Kat,” but then suddenly it was Kat who couldn’t do it halfway, not Adena. Their “blowup” in the Season 2 finale was long overdue, flawed, and only happened after Kat tracked down Coco, her ex, and got the information from her instead. It also seems a little odd and unrealistic to me that Coco knew Adena didn’t have any artwork to show and Kat didn’t. Knowing the type of person Adena is, I wouldn’t expect her to confide in her ex-girlfriend rather than the woman she’s in love with. 

They pushed the idea that Adena was ready to settle down since Season 1 Episode 9 and made it apparent Kat was the one who still needed to do some soul searching before she’d be ready to commit. Their entire story arc for the season was written based off of that fact, which is exactly why the narrative they’re trying to push now is completely contradictory and left fans confused, frustrated, and all-around disappointed.

The writers created a beautiful, one of a kind love story for these two characters last season, but it seems to me, the writers weren’t communicating all season long because I don’t understand how else they could’ve written such an inconsistent storyline.

What do you think? Was the relationship between Kat and Adena written too inconsistently? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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