Lucifer Season 5
Lucifans, rejoice! After weeks of fan campaigns, Netflix announces that Lucifer Season 5 has officially been extended to 16 episodes.

Last month, Netflix gave the internet some bad news. Lucifer, a show they had only recently salvaged from early termination, will be going into its fifth and final season. It’s been a rough few weeks for fans, who have been lobbying to save the show one more time. Luckily, Netflix has come to a pretty sweet compromise.

Another Successful Fan Campaign

For the uninitiated, Lucifer is a crime dramedy about the archangel Lucifer cooperating with Heaven, Hell and detectives to solve crime in Los Angeles. With the show’s history, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say its fans might have ethereal powers all their own. As we discussed in our initial coverage, Lucifer was cancelled by FOX after three fairly successful seasons. When fan outcries reached Twitter, Netflix stepped in to give the show a second chance.

The #SaveLucifer campaign was incredibly successful. Not only did Lucifer get a “second coming” as a Netflix original, but it got to stretch its wings a bit as well. Being part of a streaming service meant the show got to be racier, riskier, and a little more daring. Season 4 was a big hit with Lucifans, and included more cursing, effects, and playful nudity than it had when owned by FOX. Most importantly, it wrapped up the huge cliffhanger that FOX had ended the show on in Season 3. But Lucifans got their closure, and felt grateful that the show could go on.

Needless to say, when Netflix broke news of the show’s second cancellation last month, fans were not happy. They’d thought they’d saved the show, but apparently only delayed the inevitable. So Lucifans did what they do best. They got back on Twitter to share heart-wrenching stories, essays of gratitude, and piles of fan fiction and fan art. They banded together and demanded justice for The Devil.

At first, it didn’t seem like it was going to work. Cast and crew alike assured fans that they were happy to get a fifth season at all. They’d been lucky once, and they were going to make the most of the time they had left. The show was ending on the writers’ terms, and they’d be able to wrap up the loose ends they needed to. Still, fans wanted more.

Now, Netflix has granted Lucifans one last gift. While Lucifer Season 5 will still be the final season, it will be a little longer. Rather than the original ten episode count, the final season will be extended to sixteen episodes. It might not seem much, but a lot can happen in six hours. With all their love and support, the fans were able to pull off the same miracle twice—buying Lucifer Morningstar a little more time.

Lucifer Season 5

More Episodes, More Content

But is 16 episodes enough? Can Netflix neatly wrap up three years of content in that time? And how do we make the most of the time we have left?

As Lucifer originally aired on FOX, it was a show scaled to last the traditional broadcast season. When the show went off the air, it had a whopping twenty-four episodes (not counting the two bonus episodes that were filmed for the intended Season 4.) After Netflix took over, fans got racier content, but less of it. The official Season 4 was only ten episodes long, less than half the length of the previous season. And unfortunately, the writing felt the crunch.

One of my favorite things about the early days of Lucifer was the way it explored character relationships. Somehow, they found a way for everyone to know everyone. They took the time to explore the little quirks in relationships, and the unlikely friendships between characters in different subplots. We got great broships like Dan Espinoza and Amenadiel, and girls’ nights with all our kickass female characters. Unfortunately, Season 4 didn’t have much time to spare. Between establishing Eve as a new character and resolving the tension between Lucifer and Chloe, there wasn’t enough time to shed the same light on supporting characters.

But by Satan, Lucifer tried. Season 4 saw Ella Lopez struggling with her faith, Dr. Linda Martin dealing with her supernatural pregnancy, and Dan trying and failing to deal with his grief after the death of his girlfriend Charlotte Richards last season. The ideas were there, but without the time, they couldn’t be fleshed out with the same care. It was my biggest disappointment with Season 4, alongside the victories.

With that in mind, six more episodes is a “God-given” gift. We have the same distance to go, with six more hours to take the scenic route instead of the most direct path. You can bet that none of these sixteen episodes will be a filler. But that still means more time for jokes, more time for thought out stories, and more time to treasure the rare relationships between all of our favorite characters.

For those who are still skeptical, I advise you to think back to the very beginning. When Lucifer first aired, there were only thirteen episodes in the season. Now, we get three hours more! And if an unlucky thirteen could cement such a powerful and faithful fan base, an even sixteen should be able to finish it. By all accounts, Lucifer Season 5 is already shaping up to be a killer last season.

How do you feel about the end of Lucifer? What would you like to see in the final episodes? Check out our Lucifer Season 5 Wish List, and share your thoughts with us in the comments. Or you can reach out and celebrate with us on Twitter!

All four seasons of Lucifer are currently streaming on Netflix.