Lucifer Season 5
Netflix’s Lucifer Official Twitter shares casting and streaming information about Lucifer Season 5 and the future of the show.

This week was a wild one for fans of Netflix’s Lucifer. After several months of inactivity, the show’s official Twitter broke their silence with details for the show’s upcoming fifth season, and much, much more. The future of Lucifer is looking bright.

Lucifer Season 5 Release Date

The first order of business was to announce the release date for Lucifer’s new content. The official account released a cheeky video with a compilation of Lucifer Morningstar’s “hottest, sexiest, most downright devilish moments.” Fittingly, the video was 66.6 seconds long. The show’s marketing team was clearly having a blast!

The video’s caption confirms that the first half of Lucifer Season 5 will be available for streaming on Netflix on August 21. This comes as a relief in the midst of quarantine. Due to pandemic complications, filming for Lucifer was shut down in March. Many fans were concerned this meant an indefinite delay on the show, but it looks like they’re in for new content even sooner than anticipated. Way sooner.

Right at the end of the video, editors slipped in a measly little spoiler for Lucifer Season 5. The clip shows everyone’s favorite pair, Lucifer and Chloe Decker, pulling back from a heated kiss. Whether this moment will occur in the first or second half of the season remains unclear. But in the meantime, fans and shippers are chomping at the bit to find out!

Lucifer Season 6 Renewal

The fans of this show might be just as powerful as the characters themselves. After another relentless fan campaign, it has been announced that Lucifer Season 5 will no longer be the end for everyone’s favorite devil. Netflix has agreed to one more season of the show, and that will be the end. For real this time!

This is the second time Lucifer has been saved from the chopping block due to the devotion of fans. Fox cancelled the show after its third season, when Netflix swept in to save the day. As we covered last year, fans were dismayed to hear that Netflix planned on cancelling the show just two seasons later. The second #SaveLucifer campaign has been going strong ever since.

There have been some smaller wins along the way. First, the fifth season was extended from ten to sixteen episodes. Later, there was some talk about a potential Lucifer movie as the series’ final endcap. But the fanbase’s dedication won out, and now there will be a complete additional season for the writers to tie up any loose ends.

Lucifer Season 5

New Cast Members

All of our favorite recurring characters will come back in Lucifer Season 5, as well as some newer ones. Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Inbar Lavi would return to her role as Eve in some capacity. Hopefully this will offer some closure on her relationship with Mazikeen, as Season 4 ended with the two women on very uncertain ground.

It was also announced that Lucifer had finally found an actor to play God. In Lucifer Season 2, there was a brief appearance from a man who thought that he was God, played by Timothy Omundson of Psych and Supernatural. In one of the bonus episodes for Season 3, God narrated a story about Lucifer and Chloe, as voiced by renown writer Neil Gaiman. Now it looks like God will finally arrive on our screens in the form of Dennis Haysbert.

Speaking of a plethora of Gods, this week also brought a new casting announcement for Lucifer Season 5. Rob Benedict will be joining the cast—a very meta choice for someone who plays God on Supernatural. Rather than the Almighty, Benedict will be portraying a mercenary wanted by the LAPD. One way or another, the writers are sure to have a blast with crossover references!

What are you looking forward to most in Lucifer Season 5? Is there someone else you’d like to see guest star now that the show has been renewed for another season? Let us know in the comments, and share your thoughts with us on Twitter!

Lucifer Season 5 will premiere August 21 on Netflix. Seasons 1-4 are streaming now.