Javier and Jaime Luna
Hiram tells Reggie the story of his past and how he became the most feared and powerful man in Riverdale.

On Riverdale Season 5 Episode 12, Hiram tells Reggie the story of his life and how he got to where he is. Meanwhile, Reggie wrestles with his and his father’s relationship.

Hiram Lodge


Hiram’s Backstory

It isn’t exactly newsworthy that Hiram Lodge isn’t among the fan-favourites of Riverdale. So there was a bit of outcry from fans when it was revealed he would be getting a character-centric episode. After all, he’s been terrorizing the residents of the town since he showed up in season 2.

However, this episode pleasantly surprised me. What had been anticipated as a pointless and unwanted episode by many turned out to be one of the best in the season.

Past Hiram, then known as Jaime Luna, is a much more sympathetic and human character than his present-day counterpart. The acting of Michael Consuelos is stellar, bringing a new layer of depth and emotion to the character that was unexpected but much welcomed.

I didn’t quite know what to expect when the episode began. I hadn’t a clue what could have possibly turned Hiram into the cold, hard, villain he is today. But as the episode progressed it ultimately led to the heartbreaking revelation that Hiram‘s father was murdered. It’s also revealed at the end of the episode that Hiram has been working to avenge his father’s death and that he wanted to become the most feared person in town so he could face the man who took his father’s life.

It’s an excellent way to tie up the story and gives a reason for his newfound obsession with palladium, which I was thoroughly confused by in the last episode. I’m eager to see where Hiram’s story will go next, and how exactly his past will play a part in it, but we’ll talk about that in a moment.

Reggie Mantle


It was already known that Hiram’s story would tie in with Reggie’s, how exactly that would be, was left unknown. It isn’t until the end of the episode that the two stories seamlessly tie together, in a very cleverly done way. Hiram’s backstory brilliantly foreshadows Reggie and his father’s, from the shared business to owing a debt to a dangerous man.

I really enjoy the relationship Hiram and Reggie have in this episode. At first, it’s portrayed as strictly business, a way to help pay off his father’s debts, but it becomes clear that Reggie respects Hiram and is loyal to him. And in a surprising turn of events, the same is true of Hiram for Reggie. And in one of my favourite scenes of the episode, the two characters share a conversation in which Hiram tells Reggie to give his father another chance because if he could go back to shining with his dad once more, he would in a heartbeat. The revelation leads to the long-awaited heart-to-heart between father and son Mantle, and it’s incredibly done.

It was no secret that Reggie has always had a rough relationship with his father, as seen in a previous season, his father was often abusive. In this episode, Reggie finally gets a long-deserved apology from his father, in a very emotional and beautiful scene. Sure it doesn’t magically fix everything, but it was a nice addition to the story and something that I was very happy to see, and I hope that we continue to see them patch up their relationship.

Javier Luna

Hiram’s Future

After hearing Hiram’s story, and knowing all that we do about his shady doings, I can’t help but wonder if this episode is foreshadowing something for the character. Perhaps something fatal or near-fatal.

He seems to be tying up a lot of loose ends, with letting Reggie go and murdering Vito. I have to wonder if he finds the palladium and finally finishes what his father began, will he wash his hands of his mobster-like habits? Or will someone do it for him?

In his phone call with Hermosa, he did say once he’s found the palladium, he’d get back everything he’s lost, which leaves me thinking that maybe we’ll see a changed Hiram by season’s end. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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