Jughead Jones
With Jughead missing, Tabitha seeks the help of Betty. Meanwhile, Cheryl learns of her mother’s prison-created ministry, and Archie sets out to find the escaped convicts.

On Riverdale Season 5 Episode 11, Tabitha and Betty reach out to Jughead’s ex for help in finding him, and Veronica finds herself once again tangled in her father’s shady dealings. Meanwhile, Cheryl learns of Penelope’s Jason worshipping ministry and finds comfort in it.

Penelope Blossom
Penelope holding a meeting of her ministry.


In this episode, we find out that Penelope, Cheryl’s mother, has started a ministry while in prison. Cheryl, as are the viewers, is immediately skeptical and dismissive of the idea. However that changes later in the episode when it’s revealed she’s held on to Jason’s corpse for the past seven years, and that Penelope’s ministry worships Jason’s spirit.

Yes, you read that right. Upon first glance, the whole storyline sounds sort of ridiculous, and honestly, they’ve dragged the Jason storyline out for years now, but I think this could be a beneficial part of Cheryl’s storyline this season.

Season 5 Cheryl is reclusive and dark, starkly different from the Cheryl we met in season 1. Since then she’s dealt with so much trauma, pain and heartache, that it’s no wonder she’s become so closed off. We’ve never seen her properly face her traumas, and even when it seems like she has, she suddenly takes a step backwards. (Once again, she’s held onto Jason’s corpse for seven years!)

In a way I feel like this ministry of Penelope’s could potentially lead Cheryl to find some healing and some peace in Jason’s demise. Maybe it’s a long shot, but is it so out of the question? Jason’s death is what ultimately triggered Cheryl’s spiral, and she’s never truly gotten over it, so maybe this could be exactly what she needs?

I guess time will tell, but for now, I’m optimistic.


Jughead Jones
Jughead plans to leave for New York.

Jughead’s Disappearance

With Jughead still missing, Tabitha called Betty for help tracking him down. We soon find out that Jughead is out on the streets somewhere, and he’s brutally beaten by a few men and nursed back to health by a man from his past.

Now, this season I’ve loved Jughead’s storyline, but this episode I just didn’t care for. It felt sort of bland compared to the previous episode, and I was left feeling a little confused. You see, the man who saved Jughead after he was beaten, is revealed to be Doc. And in a flashback to season 4, we’re reminded of Jughead telling the preppies about this man and how he practically left him for dead.

This storyline just feels stuffed in here as an excuse to have Jughead go back to New York and deal with whatever he’s been harbouring. But I feel like it could’ve been done a lot better. The push he needed could have come from Archie, Tabitha, or even Betty. Bringing this new character in felt a little confusing and disjointed to me and it doesn’t seem like there will be any real purpose to him in future episodes.

On the flip side, Betty, Tabitha and Jessica searching for Jughead is probably the highlight of the hour. The character of Jessica is so intriguing and mysterious to me, and I feel like there’s something a little fishy when it comes to her. What that may be, I’m not sure, but I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we see her.

And finally, the team-up of Betty and Tabitha was an unexpected one but very much welcome. It was a lot of fun seeing the two of them join forces, and with Tabitha offering to help Betty with her current case, it looks like we’ll be seeing plenty more of them in the future.

Reggie and Veronica
Reggie and Veronica hatch a plan.

The Opal Thief 

This storyline was just such a yawn to me, and it’s a shame because when it first started I had high hopes. After finding out that Hiram was offering a prize to whoever could track down and return the escaped convicts, Archie gathers a group and sets out to do exactly that so he can afford to fix Riverdale High.

I would have enjoyed watching the boys gather up the escapees, especially with Frank on their side and Darla and Dodger back in town, there was plenty of room for some fun conflict. Instead, we’re once again wrapped up in Hiram’s shady dealings, and in turn, so is Veronica.

Let me just take a moment to say how disappointed I am with how Veronica’s character is written. Her storylines almost always revolve around either Archie or Hiram, for once I would like to see her have a storyline where she does her own thing. Instead, she joins forces with Archie and the rest of the group to track down a rare opal she’s had delivered for a customer of hers. It’s just so bland.

I would have preferred to see Veronica use her wits and find a way to get the Opal back herself, rather than once again getting tangled up in Hiram’s business. I just really hope that as the season goes on she gets more substance to her character because there is a lot of potential for her.

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