Betty Cooper and Alice Smith
When the town of Riverdale seems to be piecing itself back together, Hiram takes to new and extreme lengths to keep his plan moving. Meanwhile, Jughead finds motivation in unconventional ways and Betty and Alice receive unexpected visitors. 

On Riverdale Season 5 Episode 10, Hiram went to extreme lengths to keep his plans in action, Veronica grappled with her relationship with Chad. Meanwhile, Jughead sought out inspiration in the form of hallucinogens, and unexpected visitors arrive at the Cooper household.

Reggie Mantle

Hiram’s Plans

Things are pretty normal by Riverdale standards for the first half of this episode, that is, until Hiram’s storyline comes into full play, that’s when things start to hit the fan. It wasn’t exactly a surprise that Hiram was still plotting to take down the town, so when his storyline came up, I assumed it would be the same old thing as it usually is. Little did I know he would go to such extreme lengths this episode.

Not only did he have Reggie set fire to the Blossom’s maple groves, but he also set off an explosion at the local prison, which allowed the inmates to run free and wreak havoc on the town of pep. The ensuing results bring us what is, in my opinion, the shining storyline of this episode. But we’ll talk about that later on.

For once I can honestly say I wasn’t bored by Hiram’s storyline this episode. In fact, I was quite entertained. Sure it is a little lame that he hasn’t grown as a character at all in seven years, and I stand by my opinion that he would be much more tolerable if he grew even slightly. But it was a refreshing change of pace to see him be destructive towards someone other than his daughter.

So much of his character is built around trying to tear Veronica and her endeavours down, and it just grows stale after 3 seasons. So while I’m not exactly a fan of him and Reggie working together, and while I still don’t quite understand how that partnership came to be, they were fun to watch this episode. I’m anxious to see how his plans play out in the coming episodes, as I’m sure he has many more tricks up his sleeve.

Jughead Jones
Jughead eating a magic mushroom-induced burger.

Jughead and the Magic Mushrooms

Jughead’s storyline has been very interesting to me this season, which is honestly a little surprising considering since his storylines in the previous seasons never really captured my attention all that much. I’m also surprised I’m enjoying this storyline as much as I am, seeing as it’s leaning towards the more extra-terrestrial side of things and that’s never been my cup of tea.

I think the writers are really doing great with it and it keeps me on my toes every episode. I love the lore and mystery of the Mothmen, and seeing Jughead and Tabitha work together to uncover more about it is always fun. Speaking of the two, this episode gives us a little taste of a more romantic relationship between the two, which is something I’ve been wondering (and hoping), they would delve into.

Jughead’s storyline this episode finds him taking magic mushrooms as a way to help him write his book, (which surprisingly, isn’t the most absurd thing to happen in this episode.) He has some psychedelic visions that give us a quick glimpse at what is potentially one of the Mothmen.

It leaves off on quite the cliffhanger, as Tabitha comes into the bunker and finds blood on the table and Jughead nowhere to be found. Which intends to keep us guessing what his fate is while the show is on hiatus for the next couple of months. Is he alive? Was he kidnapped? Abducted?


Betty Cooper and Alice Smith
Betty and Alice meet their unexpected visitors.

A Visit From The Past 

This plot is what I consider to be the shining star of the episode. It was a wild ride from start to finish and I loved every second of it. It starts innocent enough, with Betty and Alice planning to throw Juniper and Dagwood a birthday party. But it’s quickly spoiled when, due to Hiram’s planned explosion at the prison, Charles and Chic end up crashing the party.

There’s a lot to unpack in the scenes the group share, but I must say I liked the tidbits we got of Alice saying she had been visiting Charles in prison over the years, and that she had been ordained to marry him and Chic. The Charles storyline was dropped so quickly pre-time jump that it was nice to get some semblance of the aftermath, even if it was just a brief, one-off mention.

Speaking of Alice being ordained though, we get to see her officiating a wedding for the two fugitives in the middle of her living room and it’s glorious.

As silly as the plotline is, I loved seeing both Chic and Charles back on the show again, as I loved the dynamic they both had with Alice and Betty in their respective seasons. So while it wasn’t the most plot-moving storyline, it was a lot of fun and brought back the ridiculous, entertaining aspects I love in this show, something that I feel has dwindled a bit since the earlier seasons.

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