Supernatural Season 15 premieres this Thursday, October 10. Before that, you might need to brush up on the last fourteen.

Who would have guessed back in 2005 that the CW’s new show Supernatural would leave behind a fifteen-year legacy? It’s been a long road since the pilot aired—full of scary monsters, found family, and classic rock. But how much of the journey do you really remember?

Before jumping back in, I decided to rewatch all fourteen seasons. That’s right—I binged 307 episodes in 40 days so that you don’t have to! Maybe you’re looking for a quick refresher before the final goodbye, you’re returning after some time away, or you’re jumping on the bandwagon to see what the fuss was about. Any which way, we’ve boiled Supernatural down to the basics so you can be ready for the very last season premiere!

Season 1

It all started with one sentence: “Dad’s on a hunting trip, and he hasn’t been home in a few days.” Brothers Sam and Dean Winchester travel across the country saving people, hunting things, and looking for their father, John. They suspect he’s gotten into trouble hunting down the Yellow-Eyed Demon, who killed their mother 22 years ago.

Big Bad(s): The Yellow-Eyed Demon (Azazel); Meg, Azazel’s right-hand demon

What You Need to Know: Sam abandoned his family and the “hunting life” to go to Stanford. He agrees to rejoin Dean after his girlfriend, Jessica, is killed in the same way his mother was. Sam sometimes has premonitions related to the Yellow-Eyed Demon. In the final episode, the boys find an ally in their father’s old hunting buddy, Bobby Singer.

Top Five Episodes: “Pilot” (1.01); “Bloody Mary” (1.05); “Hook Man” (1.07); “Hell House” (1.17); “Devil’s Trap” (1.22)

The Big Cliffhanger: While Sam and Dean eventually reunite with their father, they are unable to kill Azazel. On their way to the hospital, the Winchesters’ car is hit by a semi-truck.

Our Season Rating: 8/10

Our Season Review: There’s nothing so good as the beginning of the story. Supernatural Season 1 is chock full of great characters, iconic lines, and plot seeds that come to fruition later in the plot. The only downside is the low-budget CGI and dark, dismal color editing. Its visuals are inescapably “edgy” 2000’s, but the nostalgia wins out on the whole.


Season 2

After the death of their father, Sam and Dean must work even harder to kill the Yellow-Eyed Demon and avenge their parents. But Azazel’s endgame goes far beyond the Winchesters. As they close in, they learn troubling things about why Sam has special abilities, and what they’re meant for.

Big Bad(s): The Yellow-Eyed Demon (Azazel); Gordon Walker; Agent Hendrickson

What You Need to Know: In the season premiere, John sells his soul to save Dean’s life. Sam and Dean find more allies at The Roadhouse, a hunter bar run by Ellen Harvelle, her daughter Jo, and companion Ash. The also make an enemy in Gordon Walker, a hunter who wants to kill Sam because of his psychic abilities. As they work to track Azazel, Sam and Dean find that there are many “special children” like Sam. Their powers were given to them by Azazel, who fed them demon blood as infants. He hopes the strongest child will lead his army of demons on Earth. All the while, they are on the run from FBI Agent Hendrickson, who has been hunting the brothers for some time.

Top Five Episodes: “No Exit” (2.6); “Born Under a Bad Sign” (2.14); “Tall Tales” (2.15); “What Is and What Should Never Be” (2.20); “All Hell Breaks Loose (Part 2)” (2.22)

The Big Cliffhanger: After Sam dies in a deadly prizefight, Dean sells his soul to a demon to revive him. The Winchesters are able to kill Azazel, but not before he unleashes his army on Earth.

Our Season Rating: 8/10

Our Season Review: Supernatural Season 2 is the natural conclusion to Season 1. The burning questions we had are all answered, but not without dire consequences. The season does a masterful job of foreshadowing and setting up Dean’s fate in the finale. It also opens up the very focused, family-based plot to a wider universe. The new characters are some of my favorites, and while I disagree with the writers’ decision to burn the Roadhouse at the end of the season, I’m glad they kept the Harvelles.

Season 3

With only a year left to live, Dean only has two objectives: stop the army of demons that Yellow-Eyes set loose, and find a way to break his demon deal. Sam and Dean explore endless avenues and work with unlikely allies to stop Dean’s soul from being dragged to Hell. They hope that by killing Lilith, the demon who holds Dean’s contract, they can nullify the deal.

Big Bad(s): Lilith; Gordon Walker; Agent Hendrickson

What You Need to Know: Dean has mixed feelings about selling his soul. He doesn’t want to renege on his deal in case it puts Sam in danger, but if he goes to Hell he will eventually turn into a demon himself. While he struggles with his past and makes the most of his time left on Earth, the brothers make two new allies. Bela Talbot is a thief specializing in supernatural artifacts who rarely looks out for anyone but herself, leading her to an early death at the end of the season. Ruby is a demon who insists that she remembers what it’s like to be human, and wants to help Sam and Dean take down Lilith.

Top Five Episodes: “Bad Day at Black Rock” (3.03); “A Very Supernatural Christmas” (3.08); “Dream a Little Dream of Me” (3.10); “Mystery Spot” (3.11); “Ghostfacers” (3.13)

The Big Cliffhanger: The Winchester brothers are unable to kill Lilith and break Dean’s deal. At midnight, Dean is attacked by hellhounds and dies.

Our Season Rating: 8/10

Our Season Review: While Supernatural Season 3 is shorter than the previous seasons, it certainly packs a punch. I had a hard time just picking five favorite episodes, because so many of them are so well crafted. The new villains and obstacles feel realistic and grounded, as do the new characters. I was never a big fan of Bela, but Ruby is such a great, dynamic character. I adore Katie Cassidy’s portrayal of her. It’s the first instance of the Winchesters choosing to ally with monsters in the face of bigger enemies, which becomes all the more common in later seasons.


Season 4

When Dean is freed from Hell, the Winchesters discover that angels are just as real as demons. And Heaven has a mission for them. They must find Lilith and stop her from breaking the 66 seals on Lucifer’s cage. Otherwise, the Devil will walk free, and the Apocalypse will begin.

Big Bad(s): Lilith; Alistair; Zachariah; Ruby

What You Need to Know: While Dean was in Hell, he tortured countless other souls under the tutelage of Alistair, Hell’s torture expert. Castiel is the angel of the Lord who raised Dean from Hell. While he is meant to remain objective, he has trouble staying away from the Winchesters. Sam has been using his psychic powers to exorcise demons with his mind with some guidance from Ruby. She willingly provides him with demon blood to fuel him, against both Dean and Heaven’s wishes. While it seems like Heaven wants to stop the Apocalypse, it’s revealed at the end that some angels, led by Zachariah, have been aiding it as well, seeing it as “part of God’s plan.”

Top Five Episodes: “Lazarus Rising” (4.01); “Yellow Fever” (4.06); “On the Head of a Pin” (4.16); “The Monster at the End of This Book” (4.18); “When the Levee Breaks” (4.21)

The Big Cliffhanger: Desperate to redeem himself, Sam uses his powers to kill Lilith in hopes of stopping the Apocalypse. However, it is revealed that killing Lilith was the final seal, and Ruby has been manipulating Sam from the start. The Winchesters kill her just as Lucifer’s Cage opens.

Our Season Rating: 9/10

Our Season Review: Supernatural Season 4 is honestly one of my favorites in the entire series. It has so many good episodes that I can hardly narrow it down to five. It also introduces Castiel, who becomes a series regular and one of my all-time favorite characters. I know many fans find the angels and Apocalypse a fanciful, far-fetched storyline, but I really appreciate how it’s tied into the mythology of the previous seasons. This is the real endgame of Azazel’s plan, why he needed a strong child with demonic powers, which ties everything together in my mind.

Season 5

Freeing Lucifer has started a series of events leading to the Apocalypse—the final showdown between the archangels Lucifer and Michael. Heaven says that it’s destiny, but Sam and Dean will stop at nothing to fight for free will. With the help of Castiel, now a rebel angel against Heaven, and Crowley, a crossroads demon looking out for himself, they’ll have to take on the most powerful angels and save the world.

Big Bad(s): Zachariah; Meg; Lucifer; Michael

What You Need to Know: Michael and Lucifer are racing to find Sam and Dean because they are vessels—bodies that can safely act as an angelic host. This ability is carried through the Winchester bloodline. This becomes important later in the season, when Michael possesses Adam—Sam and Dean’s half-brother. Everyone from Zachariah to Gabriel asks the boys to accept their role by saying yes, but the Winchesters are determined to fight against destiny. On a mission to kill Lucifer, the demon Meg makes a reappearance, and Ellen and Jo are killed. Accepting that they can’t kill the Devil, the Winchesters take on the Four Horsemen to trap Lucifer back in his Cage.

Top Five Episodes: “Free to Be You and Me” (5.03); “Changing Channels” (5.08); “Abandon All Hope” (5.10); “Dark Side of the Moon” (5.16); “Swan Song” (5.22)

The Big Cliffhanger: In order to trap Lucifer back in the Cage, Sam must say yes to being his vessel. Using the rings from the Four Horsemen and battling for control, Sam jumps into the Pit and drags Michael (and resultantly Adam) with him. Dean is left to carry on alone, not knowing that his brother is somehow still alive.

Our Season Rating: 8/10

Our Season Review: Supernatural Season 5 is, again, one of my biased favorites. The dogged determination of Team Free Will, and the focus on choice and family over destiny and order, is just really inspiring. While there are still some funny episodes, this season holds a lot of serious discussions of thought and philosophy. It’s heavier than the previous season, which might be why I find it a bit less enjoyable, but it is undeniably well done. Even after binging all 307 episodes, I maintain that “Swan Song” is perhaps the best episode of the series.


Season 6

After losing his brother, Dean spends a year living a civilian life with his old flame Lisa. Unbeknownst to him, Sam has been alive the whole time and hunting with the Campbells, relatives from their mother’s side of the family. But when Sam was pulled from the Pit, he did not come back just right. When Sam and Dean pair up, they must find out how to fix Sam, and why everyone is suddenly looking for a way into Purgatory.

Big Bad(s): Samuel Campbell; Eve; Crowley; Raphael

What You Need to Know: When Sam is resurrected, he begins working with his maternal grandfather, Samuel—who is also supposed to be dead. Sam has become a better hunter, in part because he came back without a soul, which means he has no emotional sense of right and wrong. When Dean makes a deal with Death to return Sam’s soul, it incapacitates Sam and leaves him without any memory of his time since the Pit. The brothers also have to face off with Eve, the mother of all monsters, who has been freed from Purgatory and is making new monsters in response to the war on her children. This is led by Castiel and Crowley, who have been looking for Purgatory in an effort to lay claim to the souls it contains, which would be an incredible source of power and allow them to take charge in Heaven and Hell respectively. However, Castiel hides this alliance from the Winchesters, choosing to wage war against his rival Raphael alone, and making several questionable decisions along the way.

Top Five Episodes: “Weekend at Bobby’s” (6.04); “Caged Heat” (6.10); “The French Mistake” (6.15); “My Heart Will Go On” (6.17); “The Man Who Would Be King” (6.20)

The Big Cliffhanger: Castiel succeeds in opening Purgatory without Crowley’s help, and consumes all the souls in Purgatory. Now incredibly powerful with his enemies and allies at his mercy, Castiel declares himself God.

Our Season Rating: 4/10

Our Season Review: It’s very clear that Supernatural Season 5 was the intended ending of the show. There are so many villains in this season, so many different objectives to juggle, that keeping the summary short is nearly impossible. I admit that the villains are all connected in a really thoughtful way, but my attention is just pulled in too many different directions to focus. Just having Eve, the mother of all monsters, could have been fuel enough for ten to fifteen episodes. Instead, the season seems to take on too much, and becomes crowded as a result.

Season 7

Castiel’s powers as the New God quickly run short, and the Winchesters face a much larger threat. When Purgatory was opened, the Leviathans were released—some of the oldest, smartest monsters in existence. The Leviathans are shapeshifters with a taste for humans, but their war on mankind takes a much grander scale than any other monsters on the show. Their leader takes the position of a major politician, and starts a global plan to make humans compliant, tasty meals.

Big Bad(s): Leviathans; Dick Roman (Head Leviathan)

What You Need to Know: When Castiel absorbs the souls from Purgatory, the Leviathans take control of him from the inside. This supposedly kills him, and Castiel is presumed dead for much of the season. When he reappears as the healer “Emanuel,” he has no memories of his previous life. He only remembers when Dean enlists him on a mission to save Sam, who has been hospitalized for hallucinating Lucifer when he regained his memories from the Pit. Castiel takes on Sam’s delusions, and remains at the hospital under the care of Meg, who has become a reluctant ally. Meanwhile, Dick Roman has taken control of the food industry in an attempt to drug humans into becoming complacent meals. He’s also looking for The Demon Tablet, a slate with the Word of God and instructions that could close the Gates of Hell forever. Bobby dies trying to foil his plans, and spends half the season as a ghost, but still assists the boys with their cases.

Top Five Episodes: “Shut Up, Dr. Phil” (7.05); “Death’s Door” (7.10); “Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie” (7.14); “The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo” (7.20); “Reading is Fundamental” (7.21)

The Big Cliffhanger: Using a very special weapon, Dean manages to kill Dick Roman and take out the Leviathans. However, he and Castiel become stranded in Purgatory as a result.

Our Season Rating: 5/10

Our Season Review: Supernatural Season 7 is certainly more unified than the previous season, but that’s not without a cost. Because the Leviathans are such lofty villains, immediately going for the long game, their plan stays hidden for most of the plot. That means Sam and Dean spend countless episodes frustrated that they do not know what’s really going on. Understandable, but not all that enjoyable to watch. And while we lose Bobby, it’s an incredibly well done character death. I also love the new characters introduced, Charlie Bradbury and Kevin Tran.


Season 8

With the Word of God released on Earth, the Winchesters face enemies on all sides. Some are looking for the Demon Tablet, some for the Angel Tablet, trying to possess them or keep them out of the wrong hands. Sam and Dean take on a mission to shut the gates of Hell forever, but they have plenty of personal issues to work through first.

Big Bad(s): Crowley; Naomi

What You Need to Know: Dean is able to escape Purgatory with the help of a vampire named Benny. However, he’s dismayed to find that since he’s been gone, Sam has given up hunting entirely and never went looking for Dean. Learning more about their family, they discover that the Winchesters used to be part of an organization called the Men of Letters, studying and cataloguing the supernatural. The boys find an old bunker that belonged to the organization and move in. Castiel has his memory altered, and is brainwashed by the angel Naomi, spying on the Winchesters and even attempting to kill them. He has developed an interesting relationship with Meg, who sacrifices herself to save both him and the Winchesters. Sam undergoes three trials in order to shut the gates of Hell, and Castiel seeks redemption for his crimes.

Top Five Episodes: “What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?” (8.02); Hunteri Heroici” (8.08); “LARP and the Real Girl” (8.11); “As Time Goes By” (8.12); “Goodbye, Stranger” (8.17)

The Big Cliffhanger: Dean convinces Sam not to finish the trials in order to save Sam’s life. Castiel is tricked by a fellow angel, Metatron, into completing a spell that ejects all the angels from Heaven. Without his angelic powers, Castiel is stranded on Earth.

Our Season Rating: 5/10

Our Season Review: While Supernatural Season 8 has a solid objective and a few great episodes, it’s still not the best. The first half of the season is overly reliant on flashback-based storytelling, which makes it hard to sympathize and understand new characters or the motivations of returning ones. The disjointed storytelling feels like they were trying something new, but it didn’t quite work. However, I did enjoy most of the Men of Letters plot, and the opportunity for Sam and Dean to find a place to call home.

Season 9

After “The Fall,” the Earth is now full of confused and dangerous angels looking for hosts and direction. Different factions form as various angels try to take control of the situation. Metatron attempts to corral the angels and declare himself the new God, while the demon Abaddon makes a play to unseat Crowley as ruler of Hell. Castiel struggles with his life as a human, and Dean makes a grave mistake trying to save Sam’s life.

Big Bad(s): Bartholomew; Gadreel; Metatron; Abaddon

What You Need to Know: Sam is gravely injured after nearly completing the trials, so Dean tricks him into saying “yes” to the angel Ezekiel in order to save his life. Later, Ezekiel is revealed to actually be Gadreel, and works in alliance with Metatron in order to redeem himself in the eyes of Heaven. Sam and Dean must work with Castiel and Crowley to eject Gadreel, but not before he can kill Kevin. Castiel regains some angelic power, and reluctantly takes charge of a flock of angels to make up for the crimes he committed with Metatron. Dean works with Crowley to obtain the First Blade and the Mark of Cain in order to take out Abaddon. He is successful, but the Mark continues to make him aggressive and bloodthirsty, which has unforeseen consequences.

Top Five Episodes: “I’m No Angel” (9.03); “Dog Dean Afternoon” (9.05); “Heaven Can’t Wait” (9.06); “Bad Boys” (9.07); “First Born” (9.11)

The Big Cliffhanger: Even with the First Blade, Dean is unable to defeat Metatron, and is killed in the fight. Castiel is able to take Metatron into custody in Heaven by tricking him into revealing his true nature on angel radio. Crowley looks over Dean’s body, and watches as the Mark of Cain resurrects him as a demon.

Our Season Rating: 4/10

Our Season Review: This is the season I stopped watching Supernatural live. Even with a cohesive plot, there wasn’t much in this season that was enjoyable to watch. Sam and Dean spend the whole season lying and then resenting each other for their poor communication. Major characters die for essential shock value. The major villain, Metatron, is essentially the Supernatural universe’s equivalent of Dolores Umbridge—just supremely unlikeable without much depth. I watched it because I had to, but there was a surplus of angst that made it hard to complete.


Season 10

Though Sam is able to cure Dean of his demonhood, the Mark of Cain is a persisting problem. The Mark makes Dean increasingly violent and bloodthirsty, and Sam pulls out all the stops finding a way to remove it. His research leads him to work with unlikely allies, and catches the attention of a very old, dangerous family.

Big Bad(s): Rowena; The Styne Family; Dean

What You Need to Know: While Dean starts the season as a demon enjoying some downtime with Crowley, the affliction only lasts three episodes. Sam is able to cure him using the Men of Letters technique, but the Mark of Cain continues to affect Dean’s human personality. Looking for a way to remove it, the boys develop a terse working relationship with Crowley, as well as the witch Rowena, who is Crowley’s mother. Charlie offers help by providing an ancient spell book, The Book of the Damned, but is killed for stealing it from the Stynes, supposed descendants of Dr. Frankenstein. Meanwhile, Castiel struggles to keep his humanity in check, and attempts to reconnect with the daughter of his vessel, Claire Novak.

Top Five Episodes: “Hibbing 911” (10.08); “The Things We Left Behind” (10.09); “About a Boy” (10.12); “Inside Man” (10.17); “Angel Heart” (10.20)

The Big Cliffhanger: Sam works with Castiel, Crowley and Rowena on a spell to remove the Mark of Cain, despite Dean’s disapproval and Death’s warnings. Choosing each other once more, the boys kill Death and remove the Mark, unleashing the Darkness on the Earth.

Our Season Rating: 5/10

Our Season Review: My favorite thing about Supernatural Season 10 is Castiel’s relationship with Claire. He’s at his best when he’s attempting to be human, and I liked seeing him and the Winchesters in a semi-paternal role. I did like the change of pace in having the Mark of Cain as the main villain, and Dean himself as an extension. However, that led to tried plots of the brothers lying to each other and putting their family over the fate of the world. The season had some good ideas, but they felt cobbled together without smooth, cohesive planning. And the Styne family felt like an awful reach that would’ve suited Once Upon a Time better than Supernatural.

Season 11

Removing the Mark of Cain released the Darkness, the entity that existed before God created the universe. Later, it is revealed that the Darkness is God’s sister. Taking the form of a soul-eater, Amara, the Darkness grows rapidly and intends to destroy the universe as revenge for being locked away by her brother. The Winchesters put together an unstable and impossible team to stop her.

Big Bad(s): The Darkness; Lucifer

What You Need to Know: The Darkness initially takes the form of a baby, though she grows quickly as she feeds on human souls. For a time, Crowley takes her in in hopes of controlling her power, but Amara eventually outgrows and rejects him. She repeatedly mentions a deep bond with Dean, as he had the Mark of Cain, which contained her. As such, the two are unable to hurt each other. Looking for a way to stop her, Sam and Dean seek Lucifer in the Cage, but he escapes when Castiel agrees to host him. Chuck Shurley, a writer from the previous seasons, returns to reveal that he himself is God, and organizes forces of witches, demons, and angels against his sister.

Top Five Episodes: “Baby” (11.04); “The Devil in the Details” (11.10); “Don’t You Forget About Me” (11.12); “Don’t Call Me Shurley” (11.20); “We Happy Few” (11.22)

The Big Cliffhanger: Dean is able to talk Amara down from destroying the universe by helping her patch up her relationship with God. As a thank you gift, Amara resurrects Dean’s mother, Mary Winchester. Sam is captured by a mysterious Englishwoman.

Our Season Rating: 3/10

Our Season Review: This season of Supernatural is complicated for me, because while it starts to fix some of the major issues I have with the series, it also has my absolute least favorite plotline. While I like the Darkness as a concept, the execution felt very weak and trope-y, especially to end on a note of “they just had to talk it out.” Additionally, I could not stand the relationship they kept pushing between Amara and Dean. It was unexplained, underdeveloped, largely nonconsensual. Lucifer’s return, along with his explanation of how the Winchesters have gone soft, really saved the season for me. Mark Pellegrino and Misha Collins did a fantastic job portraying him, and I was happy to have Chuck confirmed as God after years of fan theories.


Season 12

Sam and Dean are ecstatic to have their mother back, though she has trouble adjusting to modern life. The three disagree on how to deal with the increasing threat of the British Men of Letters, a different chapter of the organization with vastly different opinions on American hunters. Lucifer is still on the loose and wreaking havoc, now with the idea of fatherhood in his head.

Big Bad(s): Lucifer; British Men of Letters

What You Need to Know: Mary has a hard time connecting with her sons after being dead for 33 years, and ultimately decides to distance herself from them to ease the strain. She begins working with the British Men of Letters, despite their initial hostility and torture of Sam and Dean, in hopes of achieving a world without monsters. The British Men of Letters believe in preventative hunting, eliminating a problem before it becomes a problem, which often means killing innocents. When they find the American hunters resistant of their policies, they begin a wide-spread extermination, going so far as to brainwash Mary into doing their bidding. Meanwhile, Lucifer impregnates a woman named Kelly, and is promptly captured by Crowley, who is foolishly looking for revenge. Sam, Dean and Castiel cannot agree on whether or not the baby Nephilim should be killed, as he is innocent, but has an unimaginable amount of power.

Top Five Episodes: “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” (12.06); “First Blood” (12.09); “Regarding Dean” (12.11); “Ladies Drink Free” (12.16); “Who We Are” (12.22)

The Big Cliffhanger: The American hunters band together to take out the British Men of Letters. Lucifer’s child is born, and his power tears a rip in the universe, opening another dimension. When Lucifer comes for his son, he and Mary are both trapped in the so-called Apocalypse World, and Castiel and Crowley are both killed.

Our Season Rating: 7/10

Our Season Review: This season is the most I have enjoyed Supernatural in quite a while. Largely because Mary’s return brings the show back to being about family and found family, rather than just two desperate brothers who have lost everything. Even the British Men of Letters, while conceptually weak, allowed opportunities to analyze the ethics of hunting and what makes the Winchesters who they are. It’s great timing with the Nephilim plot, which hinges on the same ethical questions and familial bonds. This season felt like Supernatural rediscovering itself, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Season 13

Sam and Dean take in Jack the Nephilim, unable to agree if he is a good person with incredible power, or pure evil waiting to happen. However, they need him to reopen the rift between worlds in order to save their mother. At the same time, they must protect Jack from falling into the wrong hands, and stop Lucifer and Michael from destroying the planet…again.

Big Bad(s): Asmodeus; Lucifer; Michael (Parallel Universe)

What You Need to Know: Minutes after being born, Lucifer’s son Jack appears as a young adult in need of guidance and control of his powers. Dean is mistrustful and assumes he is evil, but Sam can relate to having unwanted abilities with no control. They foster Jack, who is powerful enough to resurrect Castiel unwittingly. Still, they must ward off attempts to kidnap and manipulate him from the likes of Asmodeus, a Prince of Hell. Jack agrees to help with Winchesters save Mary, but accidentally gets stranded in the alternate universe with her, where there is a war waging against the archangel Michael. Lucifer works with Castiel to prepare their universe for Michael’s impending attack, all the while insisting that he wants to have a relationship with his son.

Top Five Episodes: “Lost and Found” (13.01); “The Rising Son” (13.02); “Tombstone” (13.06); “Wayward Sisters” (13.10); “Exodus” (13.22)

The Big Cliffhanger: When Jack ultimately rejects him for the Winchesters, Lucifer steals his angelic grace and vows to destroy the planet. With no other option, Dean says “yes” to Michael in order to kill Lucifer. While the plan is successful, Dean is unable to keep Michael at bay. Michael takes control of his vessel, and disappears.

Our Season Rating: 9/10

Our Season Review: In more words than I can fit in this article, I truly believe that the character Jack Kline saved Supernatural. Forcing Sam, Dean and Castiel all into a paternal role and asking them to pass judgement on Jack’s morality really brought a new dynamic to the show. It’s no longer just a show about brothers in bond, but about parents and sons, which Supernatural has been missing since Season 7. While the alternate dimension was a delicate stretch, it allowed for the return of familiar faces without cheap resurrections of old characters. With this premise, the season could have been a potential disaster, but the show pulls it off so incredible well. Supernatural Season 13 is definitely one of my favorites.


Season 14

Michael begins building an army of monsters enhanced with angelic grace, hoping to purify our world of humans. The Winchesters have to find a way to stop Michael without killing Dean. Jack has a solution, but it requires a sacrifice which may make him a villain himself. Meanwhile Nick, Lucifer’s former vessel, hunts down the man who killed his family and looks for a way to bring his old master back.

Big Bad(s): Michael (Parallel Universe); Nick; Jack

What You Need to Know: Michael sees monsters’ desire to kill and eat as pure, and begins to build a super army to wipe out the humans. Though The Winchesters make several attempts to kill him, Michael continues to possess Dean, only halted when Dean locks him inside his own head. When that too fails, Jack uses a powerful spell to kill Michael, using up his own soul in the process. With renewed powers but no moral compass, Jack’s decision-making skills are impaired, and he becomes a threat to those around him. He kills Nick for the murders he’s committed, and when Mary expresses disapproval, Jack accidentally kills her too. The Winchesters fail to trap Jack safely, and ultimately have to turn to God for help.

Top Five Episodes: “Mint Condition” (14.04); “Optimism” (14.06); “Unhuman Nature” (14.07); “Nihilism” (14.10); “Lebanon” (14.13)

The Big Cliffhanger: God provides Dean with a weapon that will kill Jack, though it is revealed to be purely for his own amusement. When the Winchesters fail to comply, God kills Jack himself and opens a chasm to Hell. Spirits and zombies are raised from the dead, as God welcomes them to “The End.”

Our Season Rating: 7/10

Our Season Review: Season 14 is a solid arc of Supernatural, but like Season 9, the constant angst and worry made it a bit more difficult for me to enjoy. Between Dean being possessed by Michael, Jack’s first death and then the loss of his soul, there was a lot to digest. But ultimately, the theme is prime Supernatural—that the bonds of family are strong enough to make the most drastic sacrifices, and love makes people do crazy things. Jack’s acceptance of his humanity was simultaneously heartbreaking and heartwarming, and I couldn’t have been more proud to hear him declare himself a Winchester.

Season 15

With God’s confession that each world he creates is just a story to him, the Winchesters are left with the ultimate question—how do they regain their free will? They will have to do the impossible and find a way to stop God himself, while also fighting off the souls and monsters he let loose from Hell.

What We Know: Season 15 will feature the return of many familiar villains and spirits. The Season 14 finale gives us a glimpse at the ghost of John Wayne Gacy, Bloody Mary, and the Woman in White from Supernatural’s pilot episode. There are also confirmed reappearances from allies like Kevin Tran, Eileen, and the Winchesters’ half-brother Adam. While the final end in still unclear, the Supernatural cast have been teasing a finale of major character deaths and tears for years now. We can only hope they’ve changed their minds!

The final season of Supernatural premieres on the CW tomorrow, Thursday, October 10 at 8/7c.

What have been your favorites seasons of Supernatural? Do you have any dire hopes for the final season? Let us know in the comments, and share your thoughts with us on Twitter!