supernatural season 15 episode 15
Team Free Will splits up to investigate the case of a brutally murdered young man, and to find more information on Amara.

On Supernatural Season 15 Episode 15, Dean and Sam venture to Atlantic City in search of Amara. Meanwhile, Castiel and Jack investigate a series of deaths in a tight-knit spiritual community.

Amara Returns

The Winchesters know that if Jack intends to kill Chuck, he’ll also need to kill Amara. But to do that, they’re going to need to be in the same place at the same time. In Supernatural Season 15 Episode 15, they finally find her outside of Atlantic City, where a massive blackout hits her title of “the Darkness” right on the head. Their first plan is to take her by surprise—but it’s not so easy to surprise a cosmic deity.

Thankfully, Amara is happy to sit down and talk. The Winchesters tell her how Chuck has been destroying worlds, and that they need her help to trap him. But Amara refuses to betray her brother. Chuck is still family, and she feels like they’ve made actual progress as siblings when they reunited at the end of Season 11. She’s confident that he wouldn’t turn against her either, even though he’s imprisoned her in the past.

Sam is ready to give up at that, but Dean doubles back to talk to Amara one on one. In privacy, he asks why she brought Mary back, why she felt it was “what he needed most.” Amara explains that she wanted was to show Dean his real mother—that she was flawed, imperfect, and better than the fantasy he’d created in his head from memory. She’d hoped that having Mary back would help Dean release the anger that he’s held onto his whole life from losing her. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened at all.

Dean seethes, angrier than ever. He’s angry because he got his mother back just to lose her again. He’s angry because he’s lost everything, not only because Chuck didn’t stop it, but because Chuck deliberately wanted him to suffer. And if Amara can know all that and not stop her brother, then Dean will be angry at her too. The rage gets through to Amara, and after asking Dean if she can trust him, she agrees to consider their plan.

supernatural season 15 episode 15

Castiel and Jack

While the Winchester brothers are in Georgia, Castiel and Jack work a case in Missouri. A young man was brutally murdered on his way home from his local community center, his fingers severed and shoved down his throat. The pair quickly rule out any demonic influence by summoning a crossroads demon, Zack. However Zack informs them that there are no demons making deals now that Rowena is the Queen of Hell. Despite this fact, Castiel and Jack agree to stay on the case and do some good.

Jack goes undercover as a new member of the community center, while Castiel poses as FBI to interview the group’s leader, Pastor Joe. Jack becomes close with the pastor’s daughter, Sylvia, and the two bond over the grief of losing a mother. At the evening prayer meeting, Jack is asked to share his story as the newest member of the group. When he shows reluctance, Castiel steps in for him, leading one of the most touching scenes in the episode. He gives a speech summarizing his journey over the last eleven years, from being a dutiful soldier, to a man without faith, and finally finding purpose as a father.

Shortly after, a clip is broadcast on the community center’s television, showing another member of the group being bound and tortured. Unfortunately, Castiel’s only suspect turns up dead as well, which forces the real culprit into the open—Sylvia. She has been murdering members of the group that don’t believe in God, furious that her father has opened their community to nonbelievers. She attempts to kill Jack, but even a stab to the chest can’t kill a Nephilim. Castiel and Jack reveal themselves as angels to Pastor Joe, who vows to be there for his daughter even as she’s taken away by the police.

Jack’s Secret

Castiel is able to heal Sylvia’s two latest victims, and allows her to be taken into custody by the real police. Despite the overall win, Jack is sullen on the car ride back to the bunker. Castiel tries to talk to him: it’s not healthy to keep things bottled up. Jack is shouldering a terrible burden, but he has his family to help him through it. Castiel will be there to support him, before and after, no matter how things turn out.

But this does nothing to improve Jack’s mood. He confesses, finally, that he’s been lying to everyone. Billie’s plan—the trials—are not just meant to make him powerful. They are turning him into a celestial bomb. He can take out Chuck and Amara, but only by sacrificing himself.

Castiel is furious, refusing to let Jack go through with the plan. But Jack points out that it’s not his choice. Ever since Jack lost his soul, he feels like he’s only let the Winchesters down. He has caused so much trouble and worry, killed Mary, been unable to bring her back. Jack feels that the only way to redeem himself is by taking out Chuck, no matter the cost. He asks Castiel to let him do this final thing, and to not say anything to Sam and Dean.

It’s a heartbreaking turn of events, but a fitting one. After all, lying and self-sacrifice is the Winchester way.

supernatural season 15 episode 15

Castiel’s Confession

Castiel brings Jack back to the bunker, and immediately makes to leave again. When Dean stops him to ask where he’s going, Castiel only says he’s going to find another way. He needs to find another way to stop Chuck. Dean asks again what’s going on, and Castiel softens. He starts to say something, telling Dean that if anything should happen, there’s something he needs to know. And then the episode ends.

This is infuriating for a number of reasons. First of all, it was in the promo for Supernatural Season 15 Episode 15. Generally, that would indicate that it’s in the episode. Instead, the cliffhanger of the promo became the cliffhanger of the episode. I understand that this was the point, and I understand that it was done masterfully. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop me from throwing my remote at the television in frustration.

The second thing to remember is that Castiel has more than one thing to confess. It’s likely that he’s going to tell Dean the truth about Jack. But with the end of the series approaching, it’s possible that Castiel will meet his end too. Last season, he made a deal with the Empty to trade his life for Jack’s, something he never shared with the Winchesters. The Empty promised that Castiel would only die when he was truly happy. With so much going on in Supernatural Season 15 Episode 15, it’s hard to see a place for “true happiness,” but the deal still looms on the horizon.

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