The Bold Type renewed
Our favorite New York trio is coming back to our screens in 2018 with new episodes.

Bless! The Bold Type was renewed for Season 2 and Season 3 on Freeform after a rocky beginning with ratings but an intense social media following as soon as the series premiered.

What’s Next?

The Season 1 finale left off with Sutton and Richard reuniting in the elevator, which certainly riled up fans who can’t decide whether they want Sutton with Alex or Richard. Sutton’s fashion journey continues to be the strongest part of her character, so hopefully Season 2 will focus on Sutton continuing to fight her way up in the cutthroat world of New York City fashion.

Jane, however, started fresh with Incite, leaving Scarlet behind on her writer’s journey. Will she go back to Scarlet eventually? Probably. The series focuses on these young women and their careers, but part of what made the show so special was the environment that Scarlet provided for them in their careers, and in their friendship. Leaving Scarlet forever seems more like a series finale thing, rather than a season finale. As for Jane and Pinstripe, well, who knows… Maybe the two could begin their tryst again, or maybe it was just Jane’s way of finding herself and realizing what she wants. His return in Season 2 is really not important because it could go on with or without him.

The Bold Type renewed

And Kat. Kat left Scarlet to go to Peru to explore, to see Adena, and to find herself. There’s so much to be told with Kat’s adventuring, but as we said with Jane, that’s something that seems much more series finale than season finale. Kat’s life is in New York City, so she has to come back at some point with or without Adena. As much as fans love the two, realistically, it wouldn’t be easy for Adena to return to the United States so the immigration laws may keep these two lovebirds apart.

Even with more episodes and The Bold Type renewed, there’s a bit of bad news. The show runner has departed, which kind of leaves the series on the edge. The stories they told were so well-crafted, and with a change in leadership, who knows where the series will go from here. What will change? Hopefully not too much, or The Bold Type may lose the flair that made it so special.

The Bold Type renewed for Season 2 and Season 3… are you excited? No news on when the new episodes will air. Stay tuned!

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