The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 10
The possibilities for Season 4 are endless.

On The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 10, “Breaking Through the Noise,” Jacqueline makes a bold and impromptu choice that impacts Scarlet as we know it, making the girls and everyone else at Scarlet scramble to make her vision come to life. Meanwhile, Kat turns her focus to her love life while coping with the loss of the election, and Jane and Sutton come to some important realizations.

Don’t Run From It

The Bold Type Season 3 finale is all about choosing to make the hard (but right) decisions, doing what’s going to help you and others grow as people, and facing your problems rather than running away from them. Jane, Kat, and Sutton all have a lot of tough romantic and professional decisions to make, and even though those choices are made, what happens next is left very open-ended.

The episode begins with Kat’s reaction to losing the election, as she begins to sort of spiral and have a serious moment of panic. However, she quickly catches herself and puts on a brave face so she can thank everyone who supported her throughout her campaign. Once she and the girls make it back home, Kat opens up a bit more about how she feels like she let people down, particularly the women she planned to reach out to after she took office. Of course, they assure her that she could never disappoint them, but it doesn’t shake the feeling entirely. Even after Kat talks to Jane and Sutton about how she’s feeling, she definitely bottles up a lot of her emotions and channels them into what’s going on between her, Tia, and Adena instead. Speaking of which, props to The Bold Type for giving us a love triangle between not only three women, but three women of color.

Kat’s primary goal throughout the episode seems to be trying not to hurt anyone. Unfortunately, no matter what she chooses to do, someone is going to be upset, so it puts her in a really tough situation. Thankfully, Tia and Adena are both incredible, understanding people, and as much as they want to be the one Kat chooses, they want her to do what’s best for herself. By the end of the episode, she will have had multiple serious conversations with each of them, and you’ll know the person she chooses. This episode definitely gave Aisha Dee some good material to work with, in regards to both her election loss and her love life.

As revealed in the latest trailer, you can expect the highly anticipated scene of Kat and Adena sleeping together again. Not only that, it’s well-lit and a little over a full minute long, so you’re not going to blink and miss it. I can’t believe they haven’t had a scene like this since the Season 2 premiere because the chemistry between Aisha and Nikohl is truly unmatched. I just wish it could’ve been left a surprise. There’s also a bit of a role reversal in this scene as opposed to in the Season 2 premiere, if you get what I’m saying. I think fans will appreciate not only a more steamy scene between these two women, but also their heartfelt conversations. Their final scene together of the season might not be what you expect, and will probably leave you crying, hopeful, and wide-eyed all at the same time. The dynamic between Kadena next season is going to be really interesting, as is Adena’s own story. Here’s to hoping Nikohl is a series regular in Season 4!

The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 10

There’s been a lot of speculation about how exactly this triangle is going to play out, specifically whether or not Kat is going to cheat on Tia and how exactly she ends up in bed with Adena. So, let me just say this: this isn’t The Bold Type Season 2. A very common theme throughout these last few episodes of Season 3 has been character development, growth, and learning from your past mistakes so you don’t repeat them. Each of the girls make great strides in becoming the people they want to be, and as upsetting as some of the decisions they make might be for some viewers, I truly believe they’re all doing the right thing for right now. And the slow burn commences.

After the election party, Jane opens up to Sutton and Kat about what Ryan did, and they’re both disappointed and shocked. Jane, on the other hand, feels as though it was inevitable, and doesn’t think she can trust him anymore. Like many fans, I appreciated his development this season, and really don’t want it to have all been for nothing. It isn’t long before he shows up on her doorstep begging for a second chance, and Tiny Jane isn’t having it. After all he went through to prove to her that he was more than just “Pinstripe Guy,” she’s devastated that this is where things ended up any way. However, Ryan is determined to earn her forgiveness and makes a big “rom-commy” gesture in one of his attempts to do so. Her reaction may not be what you expect, and the two of them ultimately end up confessing something to one another.

At work, Jane gets tasked with writing a last minute article to fit the theme of the next issue, while she also has to fill in for Jacqueline at an upcoming panel. While there, she gets asked questions about the Pamela Dolan piece and does a good job of expressing the importance of exposing an abuser — man or woman. Not to mention she’s also participating in Sutton’s fashion show, and brings something to Jacqueline’s attention that inspires Jacqueline to make some necessary changes to Scarlet.

There’s of course some fashion closet scenes of Jane, Kat, and Sutton discussing their romantic issues of the week, and Jane realizes something about herself and her relationship that helps her make a decision about what to do with Ryan. Jane has come a long way from Season 2, and regardless of how people feel about the choice she makes at the end of the episode, I do think it took a lot of courage for her to make it. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out next season.

The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 10

One of the highlights during the finale, and also the last few episodes, is the focus on Jacqueline Carlyle. She is constantly raising the bar for all of us and is everything everyone should aspire to be. After a talk with Jane and seeing how well the Pamela Dolan story is performing, Jacqueline takes a hard look at Scarlet and wonders what more they can be doing to be the inclusive, feminist magazine they pride themselves on being. Time definitely isn’t on their side though, as everyone only has less than 24 hours to make everything come together. The Safford board is going to love that.

So many of the most powerful scenes on the show are of Jacqueline, and that remains to be true. There’s one moment in particular, toward the beginning half of the episode, where she’s alone and looking over the vision board that really sets the tone for the rest of the finale. The overarching message of her storyline is probably one of my favorites because it requires a very self-reflective and strong person to hold yourself as accountable as you hold others, which is exactly the type of person Jacqueline Carlyle is.

After weeks of hard work, both Sutton’s fashion show and Scarlet’s fairytale photoshoot are here. She’s worked so hard all season long, and it’s finally time for that hard work to pay off. Thankfully, Oliver gives her a day off to finish prepping for her seminar, and is very supportive of her throughout the entire episode. Oliver and Jacqueline are both incredibly proud of Sutton, as they should be. Not only does she decide to use “real women” (not professional models) in her show, she also comes up with a very creative and admirable way to showcase what’s truly important in the magazines’s upcoming fall issue and stay on brand with what Jacqueline wants to convey.

The Bold Type Season 3 Episode 10

Although Julian Grant really admires Sutton’s vision, he isn’t particularly fond of her timing. She made a last-minute decision not to use the original models and now has to restitch and resize everything, and she only gets one first impression. I obviously can’t give away the outcome of her fashion show, but I personally loved what she did. Using Kat, Jane, Sage, and various other Scarlet employees was such a risk to take, but it was a good one. They all have a good time, and it makes for some sweet moments between the girls. Later on, she brings that same energy into the fairytale shoot and her and Oliver create something great together. These two are by far one of my favorite TV duos of all time, and it’s so much fun to watch them work side-by-side.

The synopsis for the finale said, “[Sutton] surprises herself with the results,” and honestly, I was kind of surprised, too, with the realization she has after everything was wrapped up. It was unexpected, but also a relief in my opinion. As for her and Richard, anything is possible. He spends the day supporting Sutton and helping his friend, Dev, start up his solar energy company. And at the end of the day, they have a heart to heart conversation about what they both want out of life, but it’s unclear exactly what the future holds.

The Bold Type Season 3 finale is easily one of the best of the season, and it leaves off with endless possibilities for all of our characters. With so many storylines left to chance, it’s going to be a very long hiatus, and I’m anxious to see where the writers and new showrunner, Wendy Straker Hauser, take everyone next. Just prepare yourself now because the final moments of the episode are going to send everyone spinning. I truly have no idea what the hell is going to happen next.

Bonus Fact: There’s a random hook-up between two other characters that I definitely wasn’t expecting, but I support it.

No Context Quotes

  • “I have obviously been cyber-stalking Adena because I’m a very healthy individual.”
  • “if you do break up, just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.”
  • “I’m giving you my heart and I really, really don’t want you to break it.”
  • “I’m gonna be masturbating so much.”

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